Frequently Asked Questions

What is ATZPay ?

ATZPay is social media that helps merchants to keep their customers updated with deals and new arrivals while for consumer it is discovery tool, where they can find products in thier neighourhood, order online and pick up at store.

What is ATZPay?
ATZPay is a new clearance and discounted items marketplace using social media features and transparency to cut costs, increase easy of use and marketing opportunities for merchants. By offering a platform that allows the merchants to brand themselves we believe merchants will use ATZPay to build their own online brand and drive customers their way an example of this process is offering full transparency in the customer support letting consumer and merchant resolve issues directly without any middle hands cutting lead time and costs while making the customer happier for a faster support handling.
Can I sell on ATZPay?
Yes , of course :)
How much does it cost to open store at ATZPay?
It is free to open store and listing products.
Does ATZPay charge anything from customers/ buyers?
There are NO fixed or transcation fees for buyers/customers.
How does ATZPay make moeny?
ATZPay charges small amount of commission from merchants/Seller based on total value of order*?
How much ATZPay charges per transcation?
Around 4-7 % depends on order Total amount to merchant = (Original product value +shipment -discount)- (original product value*commission percentage) Scenario 1: Original product value = 100 SEK Shipment = 39 SEK discount = 0 sek Commission = 0.05 Total amount to merchant = (100 +39-0) - (100*0.05) = 139-5 = 134 SEK Scenario 2: Original product value = 100 SEK Shipment = 39 SEK discount = 50 sek Commission = 0.05
When will merchant gets paid?
Merchants will receive amount within seven working days once customer has received the order.
How will merchant receive payment?
Merchant will receive money always in their paypal or stripe account. Merhcant can update this information in thier merchant profile.
I bought items from ATZPay and i want to return it , whom shall i contact?
You can contact merchants directly as they are responsible for the product delivery and gurantee
Is it ok to send our company invoice /receipt to customers instead of ATZPay ?
Yes, even it is recommended to send your company invoice instead of ATZPay. ATZPay vision is to provide a platform where mechants can sell thier products in less time and always be in touch with current and potential customers.